Aleks Krotoski

“Aleks Krotoski is a rare combination of academic (she has a PhD in psychology), geek, reporter and fluent essayist.” – The Guardian

“Her combination of cautious academic rigour and geek-like enthusiasm makes a very valuable contribution to the debate” – Financial Times

“Engaging and insightful” – The Guardian

Dr Aleks Krotoski is an award-winning international broadcaster, author and academic.

For the BBC and Channel 4, she has topped the ratings, won Emmy, BAFTA, Radio Academy, and Royal Society awards, and written and presented the landmark technology and social-science series for both radio – with BBC Radio 4’s The Digital Human – and international television – with BBC World’s The Virtual Revolution.

For The Guardian, she has consistently led the iTunes charts with the Tech Weekly podcast (2007-2015), pioneered environmental and business reporting with The Biggest Story In The World (2015), and taken her hit weekly column from newspaper to acclaimed book (Guardian Faber, 2013). Her forthcoming video series for The Guardian, “Silent Circle”, is in production in 5 countries.

Aleks’ BBC Radio 4 series Codes That Changed The World is the most requested radio series on BBC iPlayer, while Hidden Histories of the Information Age, and Last Bus To Serendip were both critically acclaimed. That led to a prestigious Public Engagement Grant from the British Psychological Society, and thereby the production of The N of Us, the first from Aleks’ independent studio, Pillowfort Productions. Also from Pillowfort Productions: The Resilient, an intimate interview series that eavesdrops on people’s toughest times (for Flower) and BlackHatWhiteHat, a cybersecurity series about crime and security in the digital age.

As host, writer, and producer, Aleks Krotoski’s broadcasting success, has mirrored her academic credentials. Dr Krotoski holds fellowships at University of Oxford, and the London School of Economics. Her PhD broke new ground, studying information flow and the spread of ideas across digital spaces. She enjoys an international speaking career, to both corporate and general audiences.

She is based in London and Los Angeles.