The latest series of BBC Radio 4’s Digital Human started on Monday 7 October at 4:30pm UK time, and we’ve been having a blast getting our teeth into some seriously fascinating topics that we’ll be exploring over the next six weeks.

All of us on the amazing (and award-winning!) team – producers Peter McManus and Victoria McArthur and researcher Elizabeth Ann Duffy – have been blogging over at the official tumblr, where you can also see all the links and brain waves that captured our imaginations over the last three series.

This time around, we’re looking more broadly at who we are as human beings in the 21st century. On yesterday’s programme, we asked if we are more altruistic now because we can give our time with the click of a button, or does empathy stop at the screen? Next week, we’ll be dissecting the smart city, and whether sensors are simply the new cement for modern utopian urban planners. We’ll continue with four more weeks of surprises and introspection. Check it out!

You can download all the previous programmes from the other series here.