I had the great pleasure of introducing four extraordinary speakers at the recording of BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought while I was at the Edinburgh Festival this year. And the first to be broadcast tonight at 8:45pm is performer Alan Bissett with a storming take on radical feminism:

In the 1990s, author Alan Bissett was a lad and women were ‘birds’.

In a frank and personal account, Alan talks about why he turned to the work of the late American radical feminist Andrea Dworkin after becoming concerned over his use of internet pornography.

He dissects elements of what he describes as our “sex saturated culture” and argues that men need to start engaging with feminism for the good of all.

Four Thought is Radio 4’s programme about ideas. It’s a 15 minute essay by a leading thinker, usually involving a personal story, and in this series – broadcast at 8:45pm for the next four Wednesdays – you’ll hear from Alan Bissett, Mona Siddiqui, Emily Bell and Danny Dorling.