The third series of BBC Radio 4’s The Digital Human started on 1 April. This time around, we’re looking outside ourselves, at who we are at the beginning of the 21st century. You can follow all the background research and catch some exclusive interview clips at our official reporter’s notebook on Tumblr.

So far we’ve talked about tricksters, practical jokes and intentional disinformation in Mischief.

We’ve talked about the senses you can’t yet experience online – touch, smell, taste – and what technology designers can learn from perfumers, sound artists and roller coaster designers in Engagement.

We’ve found out if it’s possible to disappear – and what happens if we can’t – in Estrangement

We’ve interviewed an internet troll and one of the prison guards in the famous Stanford Prison Experiment in Transgression.

Today at 4:30pm GMT, we talked about being alone, and whether it’s possible in our hyper-connected world, in Isolation.

And next week, on in our last programme of this series before our summer break, we’re looking at the best way to balance our relationship with technology so it doesn’t take over, in Detox.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed any! You can listen to them all on iPlayer and subscribe to the podcast too. More more more information on the home page.