Over the past 14 weeks, Digital Revolution has placed me in front of some of the most important protagonists in the Web’s 20 year story: the founding fathers and mothers, the movers and the shakers, the newsmakers and the naysayers. I’ve had the unparalleled opportunity to interview every one, often for more than an hour. Like I’ve died and gone to post-PhD heaven, I tell you.

One of the reasons I agreed to take part in this series was because of its strong multi-platform element: not only was the team passionate about blogging, conversing and dynamically sculpting the topics and stories tackled in each film, but it also had a drive to keep the process as transparent as possible. And hooray – people have been saying wonderful things!

Not only has that meant that the production crews have been subject to my unfettered tweeting and photographing – and thank goodness I snapped and twittered like I did or I’d have forgotten the quantum tonne of stuff I’ve done since 4 September – but it also means that we’re putting up as many rushes (unedited sequences) as possible so you can get a sneak preview of what the top people in this industry have to say. Even if most of what they’ve said ends up on the cutting room floor before transmission next year.

Because the programmes have been filmed in such rapid succession – literally overalapping – I’ve barely had time to blog about the extraordinary things that have been said. And what do you know, I’m way behind in bringing your attention to it. Of course, if you follow @bbcdigrev or me on twitter or suck on our blog feed, you’ll know all about this. But if you don’t, welcome to Rushes Central for Programmes 1 and 2.

Each link below takes you to the Digital Revolution page that hosts the video. On that page, you can watch and – crucially – download the content to keep for your very own. No, really. So when I say ‘Steal This!’ in the headline, I mean it (obviously with caveats…). With this content, you can mix it up, mash it up, create your own story of the Web. More on that in a forthcoming post. For now, I will leave you with the goods.

Programme 1: The Great Levelling

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia
Howard Rheingold, founder of Smart Mobs
Einar Kvaran, has final say on the ‘20th Century American Public Art’ category on Wikipedia
Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post
Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web
John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Greatful Dead lyricist
Stewart Brand, author and co-founder of The WELL

Programme 2: The Nation-State

Peter Theil, founder of Paypal
President Thoomas Ilves, President of Estonia
Biz Stone and Evan Williams, co-founders of Twitter
Stephen Fry, comedian, author, all-around polymath

Phew. Plenty there to keep you occupied for some time. But if you insist on more more more, more rushes – from other interviews that I was double-booked for! – including Vint Cerf, Clay Shirky, Andrew Keen and others (including a cheeky few minutes of me looking moody) – are here.

Get in, get downloading and get tinkering. ’Cause that is what the web is all about.