We have launch date!

The first programme in the Virtual Revolution series will be broadcast on BBC2 at 8:30pm on Saturday 30 January. It is The Great Levelling?.

From the press release:

Aleks explores whether the web has lived up to the early dreams of its founding fathers, that it would empower us all by providing equal access to global, instant and free information. In an argument that goes back to the countercultural roots of web culture, Aleks reveals just how much the web is challenging our long-held notions of ownership, value and creative freedom. But, using examples that include Wikipedia, Napster, Youtube and the whole culture of blogging, she identifies a story richer and deeper than a simple ‘great levelling’ – she uncovers a continuing collision of cultures at play through the web as technological possibility clashes with human nature and, above all, our need to control, own and profit.

If you miss it, or if you’re not resident in the UK, you can still see it with the midweek repeat (day and time forthcoming, or on iPlayer. Yes, even foreign folk can enjoy the show, thanks to a unique and experimental worldwide license that allows everyone across the planet access to iPlay, for this series only. Wowee!
Enjoy the show. Really look forward to your feedback.