My latest blogpost for DML Central describes some of the things I discovered about the South American technology scene on a recent trip to Argentina. Here’s an excerpt:

Belen Igarzábal from FLACSO is currently producing an 8-part television series inspired by The Virtual Revolution which will look at the impact of this communications technology on Latin America. She and the production team are traveling to Brazil, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay to explore the issues from a particularly South American perspective: “There’a a lot of research about how the internet is evolving and changing our participation, governments and economics around the world, but nothing about South America. We have particularities: we are a mix of cultures — Aboriginal, Spanish, Portuguese — and that mix makes us different from other parts of the world in terms of how we connect, how the government is involved in connectivity, in education.”

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And there’s more from Belen on last week’s Tech Weekly podcast from The Guardian. Have a listen!