Aleks Krotoski

The Guardian, Thursday 2 April 2009

There is a sea change in the games industry, and thank heavens to Betsy. It’s no secret that the output of the games industry has hit me like a damp squib in recent years: my favourite pick in 2007 was a low-key Japanese romance and last year it was a web data tracking tool. After almost a decade working through the vast ocean of games technology, my interactive Babylon was a karaoke game. To say I was disillusioned with the populist zombie and gangster thrillers that consumers and critics crowed over was an understatement.

But all that changed last week in San Francisco. The Games Developer Conference has injected new life into me, and for the first time in many years I am genuinely enthusiastic about games again. Why? Because the event proved that the old guard is being honourably discharged and the next generation of recruits – creative, inventive and innovative – is rising through the ranks.

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