Aleks Krotoski Friday 3 July 2009 11.00 BST

As you may have noticed from the dearth of posts on the gamesblog about odd academic issues, quirky indie games, obscure gaming culture and bizarre interactive ephemera, my contributions have recently been obscured by the impending submission of my PhD thesis. Well, my deadline is finally upon me, and I have until 14 August to finish the behemoth.

It has been written and re-written and re-written again, but I have a terrible feeling that there are at least another couple of re-writes looming over the next 40-odd days, and so I am officially not here for the next six weeks. I will also be away from my Tech Weekly podcasting duties, which will be handled with aplomb by several guest presenters, including our own Keef.

Have a wonderful couple of months and I will see you all again when I emerge from my self-imposed cell, several hundred pages closer to my doctorate, a couple hundred thousand words lighter. Please, wish me luck, but don’t break the cardinal rule and ask me about my thesis. I might just explode.

Until then, there’s plenty of content on there from the rest of the crew, so read on.

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