Huge congratulations to the Keep it In The Ground team at The Guardian for their nomination for Best Campaign in the British Journalism Awards!

I presented The Biggest Story In The World, the campaign’s 12-episode investigative podcast series. It was a only small part of the paper-wide climate change effort, which served as the final major project of outgoing editor Alan Rusbridger. Keep It In The Ground had a dual purpose: to get real action to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and to tell an old story in a new way.

My favourite episodes of the podcast are:

Episode 5: Economics
The Guardian’s Economics editor Larry Elliot looks at the numbers behind the three potential outcomes if we stopped using fossil fuels: deep green, light green or no green at all.

Episode 6: Psychology
In this episode, we dig deeper into the reasons why no one wants to talk about climate change, and what techniques have failed before.

Episode 9: Religion
The international spiritual institutions are probably the most crucial ingredient in persuading people to engage with the subject. What can The Guardian – and other climate change campaigners – learn from them about engagement and storytelling?

But truth be told, they’re all worth a listen.

The campaign continues! Phase II was announced in October, running up to the summit in Paris in December. Sign up and continue to make this an issue of extreme urgency and importance.

The BJA gongs are distributed 1 December. In the meantime, once again: congratulations to the team!