I was invited by Margaret Robertson, Head of Development at the magnificently creative Hide and Seek pervasive play group, to deliver a five minute talk on something that delighted me to the participants of Wonderlab, their three day game design workshop. Not being as familiar with the oeuvre of computer and videogames as I once was, and being all too aware that the eminent people in the room knew just as much about the delightful and playful technologies that currently populate the more interesting corners of the World Wide Web, I chose instead to cram in three offline experiences I’ve recently had that all revel in the glorious and delicious moment of anticipation just before something wonderful and expectedly unexpected happens.

You must watch the clever presentations by the other invitees – including Coney‘s Tassos Stevens, artist Sydney Padua, composer Nick Ryan and Channel 4’s magnificent (and meowing) Dr Jo Twist – on their YouTube channel, and read up on participant Pat Kane‘s roundups of Day 1, Day 2 (morning) and Day 2 (afternoon). All the videos are available on Wonderlab’s YouTube channel.

Also, check out Tassos’ essay on game design that came out of his talk. Sit in the sun with a cup of coffee and peruse. Simply delightful.