Many cafes are losing their previous tolerance of people who squat for hours in their premises, sucking their wifi and electricity whilst nursing one or two cups of joe. I try not to be one of those people. Unfortunately, yesterday I found myself in central London in need of power and a caffeine hit. What to do? Why, harness the Twitter brain, of course!

I shouted out for suggestions of good cafes near Oxford Street with owners who are happy for the office-displaced to work for an hour or five and these were the results:

Cafs and culture
moleiatau: head down to the ICA – power, wifi, coffee
thompsondigital: Try @sketchlondon great cakes
solobasssteve: I think there are still plug sockets available at the cafe in Foyles, or The Breakfast Club in Soho… (where you are served tea in a mug like this)
spaceboy: dunno about power but the nordic bakery on golden sq is nice
MvdMbladiebla: Check out the Revolution Bar at 2 St Annes Court. Free wifi, nice interior and good food.

Entire streets of caffeination
scottcawley: there’s a stretch on Gt Titchfield St, about 5 min from Ox St and Broadcasting Hse – loadsa nice cafes
ereuben: If yr near Oxford Circus, Carluccios / others on Market Place just off Oxford St end of Gt Portland St

For a cafe with a view (and good shopping during those screen breaks)
renzephyr: top floor Selfridges caf has wifi, good view

Corporate coffee recommendations came in one flavour
timreason: starbucks at borders
maxshanly: Just off Oxford Circus, behind the Apple Store is a Starbucks. Its nice a quiet and you’ll be able to plug your laptop in there.

Co-working establishments
leylandrichard: You should avoid Pret – too loud – Think about eOffice, formal workspace & a free coffee – you need to call ahead quoting WorkSnug

And get your plugs ready for the launch of TechHub in the future.

I ended up going here, where we filmed the last pieces to camera for programme 3 of Virtual Revolution ten days ago. It was a recommendation at the time from DoP Oli. Nice. Shabby chic. See if you can guess what it is on Saturday night when the film broadcasts!

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