I’m extremely late with this one, but suffice to say, Virtual Revolution, the BBC 2 documentary series I worked on in 2009 and 2010 which broadcast in February of this year landed a shiny award for New Media from the British Academy of Film and Television Awards last month. Golly. An Emmy and a Bafta. Wow. WOW.

The series, which had a hugely important online component that included quantities of blogs, crowdsourcing and an open and permissive license to access and remix the interviews and rushes that were uploaded during the making, has been a success beyond the wildest dreams of its makers. (Even better, it also has the opportunity to be awarded a Bafta two years in a row, as the online new media component that launched in 2009 was rewarded at the March ceremony, but the television programmes were broadcast in 2010 and – fingers crossed – could be up for nomination next year.)


Congrats to the team, particularly the amazing multi-platform wranglers: Dan Gluckman, Dan Biddle and Julian Phillips. Three cheers for Molly Milton and Russell Barnes too, who were tweeting, videoing and blogging when they could.

Of course, congratulations to you too, without whom all this could not have been possible.