The serendipity engine has been on the road over the last few months, making appearances at the University of Cambridge at the Arcadia Seminar series, at Google at the Luvvies and Boffins event, for New Humanist‘s/Robin Ince’s Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People at the Bloomsbury Theatre, and this week in Leicester at DeMontfort University’s Institute of Creative Technologies research seminar series.

Pics from its various outings are on Flickr and the #serendipityengine tag on Twitter is a trove of our tweets and others’ pics.

The narrative of the machine is clearer and more apparent every time I explain it, and a version 2.0 is coalescing. It will be spectacular.

I’m looking forward to writing about it and the processes around it in April, when the book deadline is out of the way.

Indeedy, there will be more information on the next exciting iteration very soon.

The serendipity party ain’t over yet.