Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger has only a few months left in his post, and for his swan song at the end of what has been an extraordinary time at the helm, he’s decided to tackle The Biggest Story In the World: Climate Change.

But how do he and his team intend to get people interested enough to act in what is, effectively, a 20 year old tale?

I’m working with the award-winning team in The Guardian’s audio multi-media department to craft a groundbreaking 12-episode podcast series about how the news organisation grapples with the editorial and journalistic challenges posed by Rusbridger’s final project.

This is an extraordinary series with unprecedented audio at its core; the production department has access-all-areas with their microphones. Alan and his team are opening their practices up to total scrutiny as they try to figure out how to cover THE story that’s been done before, and get some kind of action in the final few months Rusbridger is in his post.

I’m on the editorial team, working with Executive Producer Francesca Panetta and the other producers to structure the narrative arc across all 12 episodes. I’m helping create 12 compelling stories in each episode and am narrating the series.

Listen to the first episode now – and subscribe to the rest of the series!