Several years ago, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg famously announced, “Privacy is Dead!”. The internet age, he said, has shifted social norms. We no longer care about protecting our identities. And it doesn’t matter if we do, because it’s too late to do anything about that, right?

Inspired by one cocky young CEO’s off-the-cuff statement (not really), The Guardian’s new production company, Guardian Labs, has teamed up with Silent Circle, the mobile encryption software company, to explore just where privacy is in this modern technological panopticon of an internet-enabled world we live in.

The first episode, in which I am doxxed, was published today. The next four – in which I am hacked, in which I take back control, in which I wonder if control is what I really need, and in which I swim in the pool of smart technology – will be out over the next few weeks.

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