Tomorrow, the latest episode of The Resilient lands in your podcast feeds. And by golly, is it a stormer! In it, I speak with UK-based comedienne, former psychotherapist and current “flailing mother” Taylor Glenn about how Twitter became her best counsellor, and muse.

But before you get your head around that, you can revisit our whole archive of stories of resilience in the series, and remind yourself that it truly is possible survive the awful times, and to create true beauty from them.

Favourites include Paralympian Liz Johnson, who won a Gold medal in the 2008 Beijing games, Polar adventurer Ben Saunders, who found his feet again after conquering his ultimate challenge, and Alua Arthur, whose guidance at the end of life has delivered loved ones and strangers to a dignified and graceful death.

And there’s more! First-time Dad Josh faces sleepless nights and the awesome unknown, peripatetic Toni Myers leans on Facebook when things go wrong, Dr Sue Black leaves behind a violent past to become one of the UK’s most celebrated entrepreneurs, and Dr Kelsey Crowe empowers grievers and their loved ones to work together towards health and well-being.

The Resilient is a podcast about powerful people, like you and me. It’s an eavesdrop session on their toughest times, and what they’ve done since then. It’s about life transitions, difficult decisions and unexpected twists and turns. Because life happens. It’s brought to you by and is produced and presented by Dr Aleks Krotoski and Pillowfort Productions. It is mixed by Katie McMurran.

See you tomorrow!