Quite a lot has happened since the last time I updated alekskrotoski.com. Most importantly, I have a book coming out. After a brief bit of confusion over Amazon’s ISBN system (blame the technology, people), Untangling the Web: What he Internet is Doing to You is on general release in the UK on 4 July. You can pre-order now!

I’ll be trooping around the UK and the world over the next few months showcasing the book, starting with the Auckland Reader’s and Writer’s Festival – from 16th to 20th May – followed by a series of public talks and workshops in Melbourne, Australia at the State Library of Victoria on 21st and 22nd May, and then a trip to Sydney for their Reader’s and Writer’s Festival between 23-27th May.

There will be actual paper versions of the Untangling the Web in New Zealand and Australia in May – two whole months before it’s released in the UK!

I don’t yet know when the ebook will be released; it is likely to be before the paper book is, but I’ll have to let you know whether the global release is as early as mid-May.