Home is where the hub is, wrote Kat Jungnickel and Genevieve Bell in 2009. Now, in an interview about Untangling the Web: What the Internet is Doing to You for a special issue of Libertine, I speak about the way changes have crept into domestic life through the pipes delivering digital technology. But first, a point of definition:

‘”Home” isn’t made of bricks and mortar, grass and mud, wood and straw’, writes Krotoski in the book. “It is a de-physicalised, conceptual and psychological phenomenon. Technology is now an essential part of that. But once we grasp that distinction between the house and the emotional component that surrounds the most intimate part of our lives, we can see that the web can be just as much a home as the place we lay our heads.”

Read more to hear about family, intimacy and whether digital photography is getting in the way of meatspace experience.

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Thanks to Debbi Evans for the great questions!