On 30 December, I took part in a discussion about information overload on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

Here’s the blurb:

Communication Overload

Midnight on New Year’s Eve is the time when the most text messages are likely to ping around the world to our loved ones. And as we’re in the middle of the festive season we’re all contacting family and friends. With the relentless march of new technology it seems we could be reaching critical mass when it comes to communication overload. What is the brave new world of technology doing to our family and work relationships. And what does it hold for us in the future?
Jenni is joined by Aleks Krotoski; Social psychologist and writer specialising in the Internet and Dr Nicola Millard, Futurologist at BT who predicts trends in society and technology.

Final thought? Digital detox is a good thing. But we knew that, right?

Incredibly enjoyable chat.
Listen here.